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Sustainable Prosperity Consulting Services

EcoTactix is an Ontario-based professional services firm delivering market intelligence solutions for the ecology economy. Most people call it "Economic Development" but the phrase "Sustainable Prosperity" accurately reflects what we are trying to achieve with our clients.

Our sustainable prosperity and investment attraction services are designed to build experience, expertise and capabilities within our clients’ organizations and communities. We provide the tools to help local governments, economic development organizations, businesses and communities succeed.

At EcoTactix, we believe the best economic development solutions acknowledge the convergence of economic prosperity and ecological stewardship.

When we take care of our natural and built environment, we create more opportunity for healthy, resilient and attractive communities...places where people want to live, raise families and start businesses.

Founded in 1998 in Ottawa, EcoTactix was originally called Global Trade Solutions and focused on business and economic development at the international level. The name change in 2008 reflected the company’s shift to sustainable economic development solutions to local and regional economies in Canada.

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Promoting Great Communities

Having lived and worked across Canada, we know this country is full of amazing towns and cities.  From coast to coast, there are innovative, progressive, funky and fun communities that are perfect for you, your family, your business or simply for a special vacation.

Check out to discover the best places in Canada to visit, retire, invest or set up your business.

Healthy Food, Healthy Community

All the industry, energy and employment in the world means nothing if you don't have clean air, water, soil and a healthy, safe local food supply.

Most economic development firms don't stray too far from traditional approaches to business retention and investment attraction.  While we possess those skills at EcoTactix, we feel there is more to your local economy than looking for that next industrial employer.

EcoTactix staff have worked on food security projects in remote, rural, coastal and First Nations communities.  Everyone has the right to locally-sourced, nutritious foods and traditional diets.

Food quality and food access is an important driver in local economies.  Food independence builds stability in communities and creates opportunities for better health, increased employment opportunities and a higher quality of life for the full spectrum of citizens.